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I had my third drink today. It was my fifth day in continuation when I let alcohol trickle down my throat and take control of my senses. My eyes, my nose, my skin, all of them, but most importantly, my mind. And in an attempt to get rid of this very alcohol, as I failed by regurgitating it out of my throat by gagging myself, I will try it a different way, I will write an open diary entry, free for all of you to see, and let my words be my puke (Oh my god, that sounded so much…

Love, is complicated, math not so much. With that said, I don’t wish to take away the abstruse nature of mathematics, but just wish to signify the lack of ambiguity the subject possesses. 2+2, for everyone is 4. However, when in love, words like ‘I think I need a break’ or ‘Let’s take the next step’ have different interpretation and dependent on the mouth of the person they come out of. So how does one deal with such ambiguity?

Why of course, by making an equation for it. So, just like any other equation, we shall start with the most…


It was a chilly winter evening. Camus had gone down the street to the closest cafe, like every other day, sat at his usual table, like every other day, ordered his coffee, like every other day, and started reading the newspaper, the same one he reads every other day. On his way back from the cafe, as he entered through the baroque doors of the hotel he was put up in, the manager, Mr. Renne de Praxis observed unfamiliar despair on his face.

Camus had stayed at the Grand Hotel de Lille for quite some time now and used that…

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A lot of times, my friends had said to me that I should take a vow of silence once. Of course, it is always intended as a joke and a dig at the fact that I can always sexualise any conversation with my overtly pervert, wry humour. However, I decided to give in and try out the same once. This article is about my journey through my vows of silence and the epiphanies that I had because of it.

So it all started because of this book that I was reading. ‘The Ethical Slut’. It’s a book on polyamorous and…


This 44 minute masterpiece of a song, composed by Jethro Tull is a response to the critics for their previous album, Aqualung. While Aqualung was widely appreciated and really respected by everyone as a masterstroke and Ian Anderson was showered encomiums for his musical poweress, the critics considered the album a ‘Concept Album.’ This was something the band never intended. Yes, the songs were connected by a common theme of penury but that was all the concept that existed. Thus, was written Thick as a Brick, a parody of a concept album, just an year after Aqualung.

Album Art

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There are so many points in our life where we feel jealous and then beat ourselves up for feeling this wretched emotion. The destructive power of jealousy is enough to destroy relationships and scramble headspaces. However, all is not lost, because a powerful emotion like jealousy, also has the power of making relationships stronger, and bonds, purer and prettier.

“Let jealousy be your teacher. Jealousy can lead you to the very places where you need healing the most. It can be your guide into your own dark side and show to you the way to total self realisation. Jealousy can…

I’ve got a little black book with my poems in

UK: /ˌpɒl.iˈæm.ə.rəs/ US: /, pɑː.liˈæm.ɚ.əs/
The practice of having romantic relationships with two or more people at the same time

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Going by the above definition, one would say that indulgence into polyamory, which perceivably is abstruse in nature and might just involve a lot of people serried in a person’s heart in order for them to feel complete, can be a consequence of an anomie. …

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When something is nothing and nothing is something.
It’s like your everyday cup of coffee, but it isn’t really brewing.

The right thing might not always be what’s best for you.
And my wish to always be the bigger man, stops me from speaking what’s true.

I won’t open up, I might not let you in, it’s because of my upbringing.
These things, I know, they’re supposed to be intriguing.

Yet, there’s something about these auburn beans, sometimes, they smell so soothing.
But we both know it’s not meant for me, everytime I smell, a grip on reality is what I’m loosing

Why flirt with fire, it’d burn your lips.
Why brew something, someone else sips.

You don’t. Unless you wish to be accused of something.

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Dear men,

I understand your case, you want to express your love and care for a woman but are afraid that you might be presumed as a serial harasser or something even worse. I understand because I am you. Everyday we are faced with the question, how do I touch her respectfully, without violating her. This might help you answer that question.

Let’s start from the very beginning of female interaction.

Perception of Women

Before you see a woman, know a woman, feel a woman, you perceive a woman. So to ensure that every other aspect of the interaction with her is conducted…

Ishaan Kapoor

“My reason’s as trivial as senses pervaded by a final nostalgic scent; that I inhale once more. Knowing the dreams I don’t live don’t matter.” ~Caligula’s Horse

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